About Us

EtherCamp was firstly established back in 2015, right after Ethereum was launched. Since then, EtherCamp evolved in many ways and in 2021 rebranded itself into a digital magazine and news publication about cryptocurrencies.

More so, EtherCamp focuses on the Ethereum Blockchain, and it’s various use cases and creative possibilities. We are convinced that in a world with blockchain, Ethereum will always be the leading Layer 1 Chain.

Here at EtherCamp our core values are Quality & Transparency, so you can be certain, that the information you will read here are as accurate as possible. We will do our best to work with journalists and authors that are experts in this field and can provide knowledgable resources.

Lastly, EtherCamp and the whole team want to be the best source for Cryptocurrency topics, and we are happy for anyone for everyone to join us on the journey.